After hiring a processing service to handle, what I thought would be a simple divorce with minor children, I quickly realized my mistake.  A lawyer friend referred me to Kaleen and I am very grateful for all her help. Divorce is never easy and my advice to everyone going through one,  is to have legal representation, especially when you have minor children. Legally, divorce is an overwhelming process…. Kaleen was always very professional and gave me honest, sound advice.  She was honest, patient and fair with me in dealing with custody issues, even when I didn’t agree with her advice.  Kaleen was always reachable and easy to communicate and as a women, I really felt she “just got me” and what I was going through.  I would highly recommend her.  Divorce can be complicated, even scary… that’s why you need someone like Kaleen.  All the best to those going though one. Thank you Kaleen and staff for your help.