Family Law Appeals

In Brief

An appeal in a family law action is intended to right a wrong, ameliorate a miscarriage of justice, and otherwise “fix” errors committed at the trial court level. For purposes of this post, we will not address Family Law Writs. Contact one of our attorneys today to discuss your options for appeal. Appeals are time sensitive matters and you are admonished to speak with a legal professional quickly to preserve your rights on appeal.

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California Modifications of Spousal Support

The Big Picture

Modifications of spousal support require the occurrence of specified events, the elapsing of specified time, or a “change of circumstances” warranting modification. This Blog post focuses on modifications of temporary and permanent spousal support. To speak with one of our attorneys regarding modifications of spousal support contact us today!

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Divorce: Dissolution, Legal Separation and Annulment

From Amazon CEO Jeff and McKenzie Bezos divorce in 2019, to Netflix’s Oscar contender Marriage Story, to HBO’s aptly titled Divorce, the word divorce is instilled in our everyday vernacular. Yet divorce is but one mechanism for ending a marriage. This blog post focuses on the basics of California’s three ways to end a marriage.

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